For NFL fans with a conscience.

BOYCOTT the NFL is a campaign to lobby the National Football League to cease its support for the un-American and un-Ethical policies of gun control, the War on Drugs, the expanding Police State and police authoritarianism, and current U.S. government foreign interventionism and illegal/immoral wars furthered through the NFL's support and promotion of the U.S. military and displays of jingoistic sports "patriotism".

OUR GOAL is to force the NFL to,
1) Support the Individual/Human Right of all Americans to own and carry pistols and/or rifles, concealed or open carry, for Self-Defense, defense of family/loved ones and defense against crime, terrorism, civil unrest and possible/likely governmental tyranny/usurpation, as our nation's Founders intended through the Second Amendment (as well as all their writings and statements), or at least remain position-neutral. Currently the NFL has a policy discouraging its players and personnel from exercising their Gun Rights, and the NFL cooperates with the government in wrongly prosecuting players for gun ownership, use and possession. We hereby affirm that All Individuals/Human Beings have a Self-Evident, Un-Alienable Human Right to Self-Defense including the Rights to own and carry all weapons currently issued to the militia and any military units, up to and including fully-automatic Homeland Defense Rifles, sub-machine guns, automatic shotguns and any choice of pistols and/or revolvers. Do not listen to the propaganda from the Mainstream Media/corrupt politicians/institutions with conflicts of interest such as the NFL. These are your Human Rights and you should protect and defend them. 

2) Force the NFL to stop their support for the illegal, immoral, unjust and un-Constitutional War on Drugs, which has stripped our country and its citizens of most of their privacy, Civil Rights and public safety free of crime, or at least remain position-neutral. The NFL currently promotes and cooperates with the War on Drugs through endless ongoing publicity events and media campaigns favorable to police departments, the DEA, and other corrupt law enforcement agencies who are carrying out the War on Drugs. We hereby affirm that All Individuals/Human Beings have a Self-Evident, Un-Alienable, Moral Right to ingest/inhale/inject any and all substances of their choice in their own bodies, by Self-Ownership of their own bodies, for their health, well-being, peace of mind, recreation or pleasure, as long as they do not forcibly interfere with other people.

3) Force the NFL to stop promoting and collaborating with the expanding Police State and police authoritarianism, or at least remain position-neutral. The NFL and its teams reinforce the Police State and the continuing loss of our Individual Rights by ceaselessly promoting and honoring police and law enforcement agencies who actually deserve nothing but contempt for waging a domestic war against the American people and our privacies and freedoms. The NFL also reinforces an authoritarian atmosphere with overly aggressive security, invasive pat-downs and searches, restrictive rules and alcohol policies which only make stadiums and game days intolerable and suffocating. We hereby affirm, that the so-called "law-enforcement officers", "peace officers", and police agencies of the "united States" and the 50 state "governments" have not only been derelict in their duty, have not only ignored the laws of our land, but have willfully usurped the Rights, Property, Liberty and Privacy of the American People, usurped the Constitution, such as it is, have parasitically robbed and fed off the American People while wronging them, and are the Enemy of all supporters of Liberty and Self-Ownership in America and around the world. And,

4) Force the NFL to stop promoting foreign interventionism, illegal wars, immoral militarism, and ridiculous, un-American jingoism through gratuitous displays of nationalistic U.S. flags, the National War Anthem, military jet fly-overs, "honor" guards, and "salutes to the troops". The NFL is a football sports league, not a fascistic military rooting society. The NFL is guilty of aiding and abbetting murder, mayhem, assault, and crimes against humanity when it glorifies war and the military.

OUR TACTICS to accomplish these goals are using the power of our purses through BOYCOTT, public shaming, and public pressure. For fans with a conscience who still want to root for their team, we propose you only watch games at home on free TV, or at a private sports bar. With respect to NFL tickets, products and productions, we advocate:

1) Stop buying all NFL game and season tickets, including for the Playoffs and Super Bowl. Watch games on free TV instead.

2) Do not renew any pay-TV subscriptions such as DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket. Write a letter to DirecTV and the NFL telling them you have ceased buying Sunday Ticket, and tell them why. This puts pressure on them to adopt our changes.

3) Do not buy any more NFL jerseys, apparel, merchandise, or products. Use your old ones, they look better and are cooler anyway.

4) Write to your local and national media, journalists and radio and TV news telling them about our campaign and asking for articles and news stories on our Boycott. Blog about the Boycott online and tell your friends, family, and colleagues. And,

5) Write to your government representatives and tell them to stop subsidizing new football stadiums and stop giving corporate welfare to fat-cat socialist NFL team owners while their league destroys our rights and brainwashes our kids.

Here is the NFL League Headquarters contact info:

Commissioner Roger Goodell
National Football League
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

NFL League Office Telephone: 1-212-450-2000

DirecTV Corporate Correspondence/mailing address:

DIRECTV Customer Service
P.O. Box 6550
Greenwood Village, CO 80155

DirecTV Customer Service Telephone: 1-800-531-5000  or  1-800-DIRECTV

Find local and national media and your representatives by using the Gun Owners of America Legislative Action Center at:

Thank you for supporting these positions and the Boycott. We know we're right about our stance. Hopefully, when we can succeed in forcing the NFL to renounce these immoral policies, we can end the Boycott and go back to being complete fans and enjoying all of the great football products the NFL has to offer.

Nic Leobold
Boycott the NFL Organizer
Contact: nleobold(at)
Please email me with any comments, suggestions or ideas for the Boycott. recommended websites and links:

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